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What Is PBL?

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PBL at Rosemeadow Public School

PBL means Positive Behaviour for Learning.


PBL is a school wide program that recognises and celebrates POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR.


Our three school rules are:

‘Be safe', ‘Be respectful' and ‘Be a learner'.


What does PBL look like at RPS?

We teach WEEKLY PBL Lessons

*PBL lessons are taught in all classes K-6 each Thursday after recess.

 *Lessons are interactive and aimed at teaching positive behaviour expectations.

 *Lessons are catered to meet the specific needs of K-2, 3-4 and 5-6.


PBL Raffle Tickets

*Staff hand out green raffle tickets, both in the classroom and playground, to students who are demonstrating positive behaviour.

 *Raffle tickets are collected and put into the weekly prize draw. Students can get 1 stamp on the PBL Reward Chart if they get a raffle ticket throughout the day.


We recognise and reward positive behaviours

*Each week at assembly, 3 Awards are given out.

*1 Award is given for being a "Safe, Respectful Learner."

*These awards go towards our Merit System (see pictures below).


3 x Merit Award             =            1 Ribbon

Merit award         Ribbon


3 x Ribbons                   =             1 Banner

Ribbon              Banner


3 x Banners                =             1 Medallion

Banner          Medal



PBL Badges

*Each month, staff nominate students that have demonstrated the values of Being Safe, Being Respectful and Being A Learner.

  • All nominated students are presented with a certificate at assembly.

    One student receives a PBL Badge in the areas of Safe, Respectful and Learner.

 PBL Badge

PBL Characters

Each year we introduce a new character to our PBL Team. Each of our characters have their own slogan and reinforce our three school rules. Our current characters are:



Captain  Consideration

                                                ‘Be a buddy not a bully.'



            The Dancing Queen of Self-Esteem

‘Look in the mirror and like what you see.'


Lady Learn A Lot

‘You'll pass the test if you try your best.'


The Nutrition Ninja and his Munch Bunch (Cool Carrot and Mr Pea)

‘Watch what you eat and get on your feet.'