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Support Unit - Autism

 Support Unit

The Support Unit at Rosemeadow Public School has seven classes. These include 4 x Multi Categorical classes, 2 x Autism classes and 1 x class for students with Autism and a Moderate Intellectual disability. 

To gain entry into one of these classes, an application must go through the regional placement panel. All places in support classes are reviewed annually. This is to ensure that students are in the most appropriate program available.

Support Unit Teaching Staff

  • Miss Marlee Hyeronimus – Deputy Principal Inclusion and Support
  • Mr Nathan Wilson - Assistant Principal and K6W Class Teacher
  • Miss Tahlya Betts - K/6B Class Teacher
  • Miss Keira Davidson - K/6K Class Teacher
  • Mrs Adriana Brien - K/6A Class Teacher
  • Miss Gemma Williams - K/6G Class Teacher
  • Mrs Libby Hoggard - K/6H Class Teacher
  • Mrs Danielle Hamilton - K/6D Class Teacher
  • Mrs Sherlyn Shankar (RFF)

School Learning Support Officers (SLSO)

  • Mrs Ann-Marie Picot
  • Mr Ethan Clark-Wood
  • Mr Moses Bartley
  • Mrs Ada Zuniga Lorca
  • Miss Vera Stasinopoulos
  • Mr Liam Clarke
  • Miss Tamika Thiele
  • Mrs Casey Birtles
  • Mrs Nicole Britten

All students enrolled in our support unit have a Personalised Learning and Support Plan. This plan focuses on meeting the individual child's needs: therefore building on success.

Generally the morning block at school works on developing English/Literacy skills. The first hour after lunch focuses on numeracy skills, with the remainder of the day focusing on other Key Learning Areas as well as life and social skills lessons.

Lessons are individually based; small group based and whole class activities. This gives us the opportunity to treat topics being covered in mainstream classes, increasing integration opportunities by teaching common areas but at different levels.

All Support Unit students have full playground integration if they wish. We build this process with new students by firstly gaining confidence in the classroom, then the playground, without it being full of other students, and then full playground integration with additional support from School Learning Support Officers (SLSO). School Learning Support Officers provide extra support in the playground and shadow children as needed as well as assist in setting up play. This is in addition to the teachers already on playground duty.

Children have shown that they quickly develop an understanding of the playground. If you have individual concerns about your child in the playground please discuss it with staff before your child starts so we can plan to meet their needs.

We encourage as many integration opportunities as possible for children where we feel they are beneficial to the individual.  We are an integrated support unit and very much a part of the school community. Each support class aligns with a mainstream class or grade and joins them regularly for activities.

Students are given individual chances to attend integration with a mainstream class at their grade. Every child will be given an opportunity to attend at least one lesson a week within a mainstream class. Please discuss this further with your child’s teacher. 
Students join in major events such as the annual K-2 Easter Hat Parade, Extravaganza and end of year celebrations and presentation assemblies. Children also participate in the school Sports Carnivals.



Structured Playground

The Gary Walden Trust funded a grant for part of our Structured Playground which students utilise throughout the day. One of our students took part in the creative process, meeting with school executives along with contractors and builders to design and create the space. Students are able to play in this safe, highly structured area to work on social skills such as reciprocal play, turn taking, sharing and communicating during lunch time.