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2016 P&C Committee

President - H Hanson
Vice President - K Hollingum
Treasurer - H Fleming
Secretary - M Hall
Fund Raising Manager - T Scowcroft
Congratulations to the new committee and a big THANK YOU to the outgoing committee for their hard work and dedication.


The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Rosemeadow P&C Association will take place on Monday 27th February 2017 in the OOSH room at 9:15am.


Only financial members can vote at the meeting. The $2.00 dues may be paid at this meeting.


The Parents and Citizens Association plays a very important role in the school, working for a better education for our students and trying to provide a greater understanding for parents about how their children learn.


If you wish to nominate a person for any one of the following positions, please fill in the form which is on the Note page of the website and return it to me as soon as possible.  Nominations close on Monday 20th February 2017 at 3.30 p.m. Any unfilled vacancies may be filled from the floor on the day.




1. President                              2.Vice President                       3.Secretary                  4.Treasurer

5. Canteen Treasurer                6.Fund Raising Manager - Plus Committee of Four


A description of the duties can be found at the back of this note.


Paul Hughes







  • Meet and Greet with parents and community
  • Promote the school in the community
  • Liaise between school and parents
  • Conduct monthly meetings
  • Co-sign for bank accounts
  • Ensure everything is carried out according to the Constitution
  • Foster good relations between parents and the community
  • Organise notes to parents and blurb for newsletter
  • Attend Kindy Orientation Day,  ANZAC Day and Presentation Day
  • Communicate queries to the Principal
  • Sit on Merit Selection panels for teaching vacancies if required




  • All of the above if the President is not available (except signatory)
  • Support the President




  • Bank all monies
  • Ensure floats are organised for events
  • Pay all accounts on time
  • Signatory for bank account
  • Prepare financial reports and present them at meetings




  • Take minutes at meetings and type up for next meeting
  • Collect all correspondence
  • Write any correspondence required by P & C




  • Discuss and choose fundraising options, making sure that they are suitable for Primary Schools and do not clash with School fundraising
  • Organise and run special events eg. Mothers Day Stall